Good morning. It’s been a while

So again life has taken all of us on a crazy bender. The global situation, jobs being shuffled like a deck of cards and the general craziness of politics has all our heads spinning. I’m hoping to be able to get back into gaming soon but right now it’s a very hectic time and one thing I’ve learned is to trust no one and always be prepared. I also have taken on the stance of not sugar coating anything for anyone. I’m not dancing on egg shells for anyone who doesn’t care about me or my family. Life calls so I’ll continue this later. Bbs.

I’m back!!!

So after some down time I beat the system and have my site back online. Well it always was online but I temporarily lost my domain. Anyways I have a new service and hope to be back to gaming soon. Let’s hope I don’t mess this up again lol.

It’s been too long

I know it’s been a long time since updating. I took a small break to deal with some issues and when I was dealing with that the world situation started. I’m an essential worker during my day job so I’ve had little time to play and make videos. Hopefully soon I can start back up and get in the swing of things. Hopefully you guys are making it through this crazy event we’re all in. Stay safe friends.

The end is near

Well I’ve made the decision that I jumped the gun when I bought my second site. Once that domain lapses I’ll be taking down the site. Just not enough time and for now I need to focus on my health and family before continuing my channels. I’ll try to start playing games again soon and hopefully I can start making videos. I need to take a few days and focus and cleaning up my setup all around and getting things right. See you guys soon.

YouTube is doomed…

Well it’s been a while and YouTube has a major crisis going on that will gravely impact my channel. Thankfully I never fully planned on monetizing my channel but I’ll be making a video explaining what my plans are and how this will impact my content. If you want to see the issues at hand before I make my video please check out this video:

New Stream coming this weekend

As a reminder, I’m still testing my “weekend rewind” series and this weekend I’ll be starting a new game: New Frontier. It’s like a mashup of Ark, Fortnight and Red Dead. If your interested tune in and join the chat. I have family friends visiting but I’ll be live in the chat.


So my site was down for a little bit. Turns out while fixing an uploading issue I forgot to hold shift for one character and fubar’ed the site. Good news is I’m back up and running. Also I tested out the “Weekend Rewind” and it went smoothly I guess. I need to tweet some extra settings but feel like it’s a good fit until I can get things rolling. I’m also making changes over on my other channel/site so feel free to check that out:

I’m Back!!!!

Well as you can see the “old” site is back up and running. This took a bit of work as I wiped the server totally then updated the os and security and added new tools. Hopefully, things will be getting better soon.

Sick as a dog…

Well I haven’t been streaming in a while and just wanted to update everyone. After several rounds of strep in the house we were almost all better then yesterday I wake up with the flu. Yay me. Hopefully things will be better soon. Sorry for the delays.