A fork in the road…

So I’ve come to a hard decision where we downsized our internet at home which resulted in no longer being able to stream live content. This in turn saves money which we need to buy a house. So in the mean time I either need to just give up my channel yet again or try a radical and rather rude method of making content. I have the ability to “stream” live plays that are pre-recorded which will be no longer live but I will be able to make content and still be active in the chat and interacting with you guys. Honestly this is the best scenario is the pre-recorded stream as it will also allow me to be my own mod for chat and I can directly talk with you guys in chat. I won’t be able to read out loud or do any kinds of shoutouts but this might work. Soon I hope to have a place with much better and reliable internet. What do you guys think? Also I have worked on #junkyardmod today and added the cooked tbone, the marrow block as well as the energetic iron for building the jy spawn. I’ll post pics when I get the chance.

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