Changes and events

Ok so as you can see I’ve updated the background pic to now include my links to social media and my current streaming schedule. I’ll also be hosting a live charity stream tonight at 6pm (I know odd timing) so if you want to join just swing by the Twitch channel and say hello. That’s it for now. Laters.

More little things

So just an update. We had our first twitch only stream and it was a total bomb. I wasn’t able to check the audio and it’s so high everything is peaking and just a horrid mess. I’ll be spending time fixing that before streaming in the morning. I’m going to try and be consistent on streaming. Should be fun with another round of Stoneblock 2 coming. Can’t wait to up my game 😉 Well that’s all I can think of. Have fun all.


Ok so here is the deal. It turns out saving all my files in one folder and saving the folder is not the correct way to backup my mod so even though I have all my files and resources nothing can be saved. So I’ll be restarting my mod work again. Hopefully I can add in others and it will be even better. Here is to a truly new start in 2019 lol.

Morning my fine friends.

So I’ve been obviously absent and there is good reason…we bought a house!!! As of halloween 2018 we are now home owners. We are all moved in and have mostly setup everything. Now that we own and are no longer renting I can start up real projects and concentrate on bigger dreams. I really hope to start making content again even if it’s little things like an outlet…. anways enough forshadowing, I’m glad to announce I’m back and making progress on editing and will be revamping everything as a fresh start. I feel 2019 will be our year to get this off the ground. 

It’s been far too long…

So it has been a very long time and so much is going on. I wish I could say more as to what is happening but until everything is complete I don’t want to over share. Just keep checking and I’ll be back ASAP.

Gloomy days ahead

Well things have crawled to a stop as my family is focusing on our health and trying to get a house. Between getting back into the swing of things for school and the extra hours at work saving for a house I haven’t been left much time to do anything. Hopefully soon I’ll finish editing the last video I have in que for the SevTech series and get that out. I plugged away on my mod and added a few more items but nothing too advanced. Just some iron that acts like red stone. I really want to get in gear with the mod and have that out for Christmas. That would be a great gift to you all :). Well that’s it for my quick update. Let me know how you guys have been doing.

A fork in the road…

So I’ve come to a hard decision where we downsized our internet at home which resulted in no longer being able to stream live content. This in turn saves money which we need to buy a house. So in the mean time I either need to just give up my channel yet again or try a radical and rather rude method of making content. I have the ability to “stream” live plays that are pre-recorded which will be no longer live but I will be able to make content and still be active in the chat and interacting with you guys. Honestly this is the best scenario is the pre-recorded stream as it will also allow me to be my own mod for chat and I can directly talk with you guys in chat. I won’t be able to read out loud or do any kinds of shoutouts but this might work. Soon I hope to have a place with much better and reliable internet. What do you guys think? Also I have worked on #junkyardmod today and added the cooked tbone, the marrow block as well as the energetic iron for building the jy spawn. I’ll post pics when I get the chance.

More errors and leather.

So I’m trying to render another episode of SevTech and just as I finish adding music I’m getting the red screen again. I hate that once things are ready to go everything get corrupted. Hopefully I can have this fixed and uploaded soon.

Gewd morning.

So I’m here totally forgetting this site is running and being woken up by a crazy cat. Last night I put in many hours of work on the next installment of sevtech and I added some sound effects. Please let me know if that is too much or just what I needed. We’re preparing for my pups birthday today so it’s going to be a busy one. Stay cool folks as here it’s going to be near 100 degrees F.